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Entertainment Logo Design - Introduction

Every business needs their own graphical representation of their company that is able to effectively communicate the values and mission of the business. This helps them distinguish themselves from the competition. An influential entertainment logo design must not limit the scope of their work. For instance, if your logo is casual and informal, people will associate your content with the comedy genre regardless of the actual nature of the content, which in the entertainment business can be a marketing nightmare.

Logos in the entertainment business mostly remain the same throughout their life. Most of the logos that may feel ancient belong to entertainment companies and production houses. Companies like Warner Brothers and Metro Goldwyn Mayer have been using the same logo concept from the very beginning. This is because the quality of the products have set a precedent of excellence. Anything with their logo in the beginning has acts as a seal of approval for the audience, assuring them that the film they are about will be up to the mark and meet their expectations.

Further examples of T.V channels that exhibit their logo for inviting spectators to watch more resulting in admirable TRP ratings.

These channels are not only informative and instructive but also entertaining with different genres.

Using the correct fonts is also very important. Using a font that does not suit your brand image will become a nightmare. It will seem forced which in turn will damage your image. If your company does not have a unique entertainment logo design, the people will think that your brand lacks in quality and creativity.

Entertainment Logo Design – Techniques

In the entertainment industry, creation of a distinctive style is a formidable task keeping the competitors images in mind. Working with a professional designer would not only allow you to sketch an abstract image but also to select a multipurpose method to create a distinct identity.

The logo should depict attention and devotion towards projects taken up, as the image above shows. Especially the shades and colors used in the image only highlight the reel to display “progress”

The image can also look attractive without too many colors, what is important that the magic is created through visualization of the firms’ dedication and skill in the field of entertainment. In short, the logo itself must carry a lot of attractive aspects in relation to the field of work, this will throw a light to the fact that the firm is highly creative and so the projects are bound to be entertaining and high on quality.

Entertainment Logo Design – Colors

Every color has a different psychological attribute. Using vivid colors in your logo is a good technique. Colors like red, yellow, green and even black will help denote excitement, professionalism and fun. This will psychologically enable your viewers to associate your brand with leisure and relaxation.

A professional graphic designer is capable to create a logo that will be remembered for all times to come and be associated with the quality your entertainment business has to offer. In the above example, through smart color combinations, the highly valued quality aspect of the channel is highlighted. If the term “HD” was not a prominent as in the above example, it might have been missed by many and the channel would not get the promotional advantage from it.

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