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Computer & IT Logo Design

Any computer & IT logo design requires the same attention to detail that any other industry does. It needs the same elements that make any logo influential and successful. However, the tonality needs to be industry relevant. Computer and IT businesses offer their services to a diverse clientele. This is where a professional graphic designer comes in.

The logo must appeal to everyone, whether they are tech savvy or not. The logo will help you express the standard of quality you have to offer. Using images of technology, like the compact disk, the USB sign or even an Ethernet cable will limit your scope. Trends change rapidly in the IT Industry and technology becomes obsolete in a matter of years. Associating your brand with such technology will make it stagnant and send the wrong message. Computer and IT businesses need to be up to date with the latest trends so creating a logo that is timeless but still relevant to your industry is a tedious task that can only be done by a professional graphic designer.

The graphic designer will use multiple logo design tools like Colors, Fonts and the typography to create a logo that suits your brand perfectly. Colors like black, blue, orange, yellow and red help denote strength, power, confidence, progress, viability and efficiency. The type of font used for such logo designs is very important. Non-Serif fonts are ideal for such logos as they denote a modern feel while making the text easily comprehendible by the viewer.

The Predominant Factor in Computer and IT Logo Design

In the domain of logo design, different industries are characterized by different traits and are driven by different factors. It is true that the set of important factors of successful logo design is, more or less, the same set, yet we will find that in each different industry, scales of importance of these factors are different. And each industry has one factor that is of more importance than the rest. For computer and IT logo design, that predominant factor is innovation and change. As the IT industry itself is the most change-prone industry, the businesses operating in the industry have to portray themselves to be just as futuristic and advancing through their logo designs.

The computer and IT logo design has to portray the mindset of adapting to change, and sometimes, you need to change the logo itself, and such situations arise often in this industry. But it is to be made sure that the change does not cause a deviation in the message.

The logo design of an IT firm needs to portray the message effectively, even without the presence of any sort of text.

The best example for the Computer and I.T logo design is portrayed above – the light bulb remains constant with any new technological developments. Evidentially the logo seems to be communicating the same message of evolution with the bulbs head open to ideas!

Computer and I.T Logo Design – Information Technology

To develop a logo that which depicts pace, constant transgression of technology, attractive and a vivid, yet unique corporate identity – certain elements are a contributing factor.


To play with the consumer mind, colours are the best weapons in a designer’s arsenal especially for a Computer & I.T logo design. Most colours like black, blue, green, red and orange psychologically communicate with customers and their interactive patterns, by depicting strength, viability, endurance, trust and efficiency.


Different fonts denote distinguished meanings. In order to ensure that the font is readable yet lucrative to a viewer, non-serif font such as Arial or Verdana are mostly used. However with a bolder approach one may use Times New Roman as well, as long as the message is decipherable on a mouse pad to that of a banner.

Computer and IT Logo Design – Traits and Games

The security has become a big thing in the online industry. The companies not only wish to ensure that their products and services are delivered in a secure manner, but they also want the customers to think that way. So the idea of security in logo designs of the IT industry is a norm, do don’t get surprised when you notice it as it is there to communicate to the potential customers that complete security will be ensured.

The above image and logo depict security and their types to protect and serve a household or an office effectively. The abacus formation in the logo helps build sense of security as the abacus was the first computing device of the ages.

Another field that the I.T and Computer Logo Design impacts is the gaming industry which is highly popular with a fast growing clientele. Game development companies use images and visuals on their immediate logo to attract their client’s attention and interest

Representation of a Gaming Enthusiasts Workstation

As the competition is tough, game developing firm have continued to bring out perfect representation to entice its consumers. Some logos below portraying the evergreen industry:

In the domain of games in computer and IT logo design, the above logos are the ones that have stayed on the top and continued to attract a strong clientele for a long time. The logos are simple with decipherable and attractive fonts.

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