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Accounting Logo Design- Importance

Accounting played an important role in achieving a market tally for a firm, state, country or city, even back in the days when barter system was how people traded. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) date back to the Mesopotamian civilization and in the 14th century, the Italian Luca Pacioli regarded as the father of Accounting and bookkeeping introduced the “double entry” concept. In 1880 accounting bodies began merging to form the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. (ICAEW)

The Institute of Chartered Accountant and Sales in England and Whales

The ICAEW logo design has many symbolic messages associated to the organization. The image of a lady that we see in the logo, is actually derived from a well-known book of economics of the 17th century, depicting the relation of the institution with the field of economics. The rod signifies command, the rudder insight and the dividers in the right hand estimates expenditure. Overall, the Logo is a perfect representation of the firm, and that is how it is supposed to be.

Accounting Logo Design for startup businesses

Professional accounting logo design can prove to be very critical in anchoring the face of the new firm. This representation can become the forecast of loss and profit of a new organization. Budget is most often the primary concern of any startup company.

And no matter how many cost effective techniques are utilized, there is still a lot of room for improvement if you want to increase your savings. However, never let this effect the budget you have set aside for an accounting logo design.

Compromising on the budget may lead to adverse effects as trying to connect with consumers through a logo design lacking the ‘WOW’ factor could lead to a weak marketing campaign. Hiring a professional to create a communicative, unique and out of the box logo is the better alternative if you want a prodigious Launchpad for your branding campaign.

Rising Capital Inc Banner Design

Global Investment – creative Web Banner Design services

Accounting Logo Design for Existing Business

There are a number of factors which contribute to either making or breaking the status of an existing firm. In this long list, the one which definitely holds a lot of importance is ‘presentation.’ When talking in terms of returns on investment (ROI) and competition in the industry, statistically, organizations sporting an out of the box logo lead to a stronger profit margin and a better brand image.

An accounting logo design which makes use of the correct fonts and graphic symbols which correlate to taxation and insurance policies can be deemed as a successful one. The design should be able to be printed on business cards, presentations and letterheads.

Moreover, competitive markets demand zero errors from any accountancy firm for the clients to be able to depend on them and completely trust the company as well. It is important that an accounting logo design is not only coherent and communicative, but also competent. Because the logo of any company imparts 80% knowledge of what their goals and values are. By choosing the correct accounting logo design, you have the chance to get ahead of the competition.

Risks involved in revamping an Accounting Logo Design

Making changes to a logo design, especially if it is a logo for a finance firm, shows instability. Alterations to a certain extent are acceptable but a complete revamp may affect the loyalty and trust of the consumers. To cope with this, most companies are effective in communicating a change prior to the unveiling. The importance of hiring a professional logo developer to design a logo when you set up your business is therefore, very important. From business cards, letter heads, stamps to that of marketing, every business unit may suffer repercussions or benefits.

Multiple Logo in one banner for Blog Inspiration

Impact of an influential Accounting Logo Design

Inclusive of ‘taking care of the competition’, ‘conveying your immediate business message’ and ‘cost effective techniques to develop’, a firm should prioritize on what kind of impact it intends to have on their clientele. The passport to your firm, especially in the accounting and finance field is your competitive, memorable and unique logo. The logo you get designed should speak volumes about trust, loyalty, outstanding service and most importantly “comfort” for the clients.

The more you invest in the development of the brand identity of your firm, the more influential your logo will be. For example Franklin Templeton Investments, Rupert H Johnson SR somewhere in the 1940’s chose to have Benjamin Franklin as the companies’ direct image and name, keeping in mind that the U.S founding father epitomized the ideas of frugality and consistency when it came to savings and investments.

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